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If learning to use the Greek language in real-life situations is what you are looking for, this is the right place for you to be.

If you are looking for a tutor not only native Greek speaker but also highly specialized and with long experience in Teaching Greek as a Foreign Language, this is the professional you are looking for.

If you are interested in having private, customized Greek lessons to meet your learning style, busy daylife, your personal or professional objectives, here you will find face-to-face and online Greek courses corresponding to your individual needs.

You will build up your communicative competence in Greek, receiving direct and effective feedback and guidance and plenty of opportunities for oral practice during each lesson.

You will learn to use the language appropriately in different social contexts, its different connotations and feel more confident when expressing yourself.

You will master all this knowledge and be ready to use it when you need it, by learning Greek in a step-by-step, repetitive and engaging way with a variety of tailor-made material, tools and techniques.

Before you know it, you will be able to listen and understand, speak, read and write in Greek, as well as think about the different meanings of the language that you start using from lesson one!

Whatever your reasons for learning Greek may be...

- Acquire a basic knowledge of the Greek language that will enable you to carry out daily conversations with locals

- Acquaint yourself better with the Greek culture by studying the language

- Build up your vocabulary and expand it. Familiarize yourself with vocabulary differences and Greek language variations

- Activate and use your passive Greek knowledge systematizing what you know and correct what you are doing wrong

- Take your Greek to a higher level. Express yourself in more advanced, elaborated and accurate Greek

- Practise your conversational skills with customized discussions and thorough language feedback

- Become more confident and professional with your clients. Understand better local mentality

- Combine a holiday trip to Greece with private Greek lessons from a native and experienced teacher

- Familiarize yourself with the Greek language and culture before moving to Greece

- Take advantage of funded training courses by your employer or an academic scholarship

- Train your brain learning Greek. A language renowned for its richness of expression, its logical structure and its many loan words to other languages, perhaps yours too

- Or pretty much for all the above reasons

mygreekseminars is committed to help you succeed and enjoy learning!

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