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5 extra reasons to learn modern Greek

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Five More Reasons to Learn Greek

Learning to speak Greek isn't just a matter of broadening your horizons with a new language.

Greek had a significant impact on other European languages, both directly and through the Latin language, and numerous Greek terms are used, not only in Medicine and other sciences, but also in people's daily life worldwide. So, learning Greek also means getting to know better your own, native language.

Greece was the birthplace of the so-called 'Western civilization', that is: democracy, Arts, Olympic Games, Politics, Philosophy, Historiography, Biology, Medicine, Physics and other sciences, as well as 'Western literature' and 'drama' (Comedy and Tragedy). Thus, learning Greek will help you understand even better many of the aspects modern cultures have in common.

It is not for nothing that Greek is taught around the world in schools and universities and researches into the Greek language are funded. Or that Greek language is used in new sciences, like: Informatics, Electronics and Network-theory. Greek is a very vibrant and rich language with a precise structure and one is constantly amazed by its logical structure and the echoes from antiquity.

Greek will improve your everyday life. Whether this means communicating with your Greek relatives, friends or collegues or venturing out of the tourist zones when visiting or living in Greece. Speaking the local language gives you freedom to speak your mind, travel off the beaten-track and mingle with people.

Last but not least, learning Greek is fun! It enhances your creativity, it trains your brain, it brings you closer to people. You will also enjoy listening to songs and watching movies, plays and other performances. Learning Greek will change your life!


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