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I am a native Greek teacher and linguist. Born and living with short breaks in Heraklion, Crete.

My teaching experience goes back to 2004, when still a university student I was teaching Greek the Erasmus students of the University of Crete (Rethymnon and Heraklion). My drive, initiative and self-confidence with large learning groups surpassed my experience back then and resulted in a amazing and highly productive teaching period with students, scientists and other individuals interested in learning the language.

Then, I co-operated with scientists from the Institute of Technology and Research, Marine Research and the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (Heraklion and Athens) for several years. I was responsible for designing, planning and delivering Greek language and culture courses to different working groups with varying levels, backgrounds and learning objectives. Although these people were extremely busy, often travelling on business trips, it was rare for them to miss a class. Lessons adapted to their business schedules, often technology driven learning styles and brought nothing but successful learning results and enduring relationships.

Over the last 14 years I was fortunate enough to teach also one-to-one an abundance of scientists, diplomats, artists, businessmen and other professionals and individuals from several countries and cultures around the world who either live abroad or in Greece.

In 2016 I was away in Monaco and Nice, giving Greek lessons to students across the world. Also, I taught Greek while sailing in the Mediterranean.

Since 2010 I have been teaching Greek online, too. Online lessons were launched in an attempt to accommodate the learning needs of professionals constantly travelling. Nowadays, online learning is a practical and effective learning option for learners who either live in another country / city or prefer to learn from the comfort of their home / office and not to waste time on transportation. My experience shows that with lessons being well organized and efficient, students focus better on learning.

As far as my academic background is concerned, I completed my Bachelor's studies in "Greek Philology and Linguistics" on a national scholarship in 2004. And then, I carried on with my Master's studies for two years in "Teaching Greek as a Foreign/Second Language" attaining this time a single, Panhellenic distinction in "Teaching Greek as a Foreign Language". My research thesis was about "Learners errors while learning Greek as a foreign language and correction practices".

This specialization enables me to help students achieve the right balance between fluency and accuracy, work together on errors in a way that encourages their oral and written production in Greek without holding back their communicative competence in Greek and preventing errors from becoming obsolete in higher levels so it's hard then to correct them.

Although I avoid doing so during my lessons, so you don't become too dependant on the intermediary language, I speak fluently English, very well French and understand German.

I couldn't be more grateful for teaching Greek to all of my students up until today, as it has been a unique opportunity for me to share ideas, experiences and points of view together. I enjoy enormously being and working with people from different backgrounds partly due to my upbringing as well in a multicultural, multilingual, tourist family environment.


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