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"Rita was an excellent language instructor with the perfect balance of patience and expertise, and she quickly became our friend with her outstanding personality and good humor. She was willing to work with my husband and me on a two-on-one basis since we have a three-year-old and we couldn't attend a traditional language school. I am sure we learned much more in the end. We thoroughly enjoyed our three months in Greece, and Rita opened up the language to us so that we were able to have the full experience of this amazing place. If you need a private Greek language instructor, Rita is the one for you!"

"Rita is a very calm and patient teacher. She skilfully adapts the lesson content and teaching speeds to the level, commitment and interests of her students. For me this has meant expressions that me and my fellow students most frequently encounter. In this way, Rita makes my lessons relevant and also ensures that we have a good laugh."
Maj Ritter Kleinstrup

"Rita is an exceptional teacher. She is amazingly patient, has a deep appreciation of Greek (and other languages) and knows how to explain it in a way that sticks. She adapts her pace and style to her students and makes the classes interesting. One of her big strengths is that she gets you talking real-life Greek from the beginning - not abstract Grammatical exercises. Nevertheless, being a bit of a grammar nut myself, I was also pleasantly surprised by her deep understanding of the grammar."
Giles Hogben

"Rita is a very reliable, dedicated, patient and conscientious teacher with an excellent knowledge of Greek language and culture. Her classes brought me successfully to an intermediate level of Greek which helps me a lot in my daily life. I can recommend Rita as a Greek teacher for all levels. Besides the thorough knowledge and love of her mother language, she clearly gets a lot of pleasure from sharing her knowledge with others"

"Il me semble que vous avez bien organisè les classes grecques: - Vous ne serez pas avancer rapidement dans le domaine, ce qui permet d'assimiler les concepts grammaticaux ou de vocabulaire - Rèpètez les leçons, c'est à dire adelantas objet, mais parfois revenir aux leçons prècèdentes. Je trouve cela trés positif, la rèpètition est importante à assimiler une langue. - Et dès le premier jour, nous parler le grec, ou ne comprends pas ce que vous dites, c'est l'immersion dans la langue. - Pour parler en grec, mais ne pas comprendre, savent intuitivement ce que vous dites. En rèsumè, ces trois concepts importants en utilisant un apprentissage de la langue: la rèpètition, l'immersion et l'intuition."
Serraclara Pilar Alberti

"Rita is a determined teacher with patience for her students. She is always positive and constructive. Her lessons are structured and the speed is tailored to the students. In short, I would recommend Rita if you want to learn Greek."
Tjis Ten Hag


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